Goizper rem en koppeling

Goizper are technological leaders in the design and manufacturing of differential power transmission and automation solutions.

Goizper toepassing

Leeuwenkamp van Langen techniek levert het complete assortiment Goizper pneumatische en hydraulische koppelingen en remmen voor industriële toepassingen. Deze zijn volledig uitwisselbaar met Ortlinghaus, Desch etc.

Daarnaast leveren wij ook de koppelbegrenzers en elektromagnetische remmen van Goizper.


Goizper pneumatic clutch- brake

We present our combined pneumatic clutch-brakes. This is a system with a dual braking and clutching function, but the functions may not both be activated at the same time.

We have different types and sizes covering a range of clutching torques from 65 Nm to 150,000 Nm to meet all kinds of requirements.

These products are used in metal cutting and bending machinery, such as presses, shears, folders, etc.

Goizper multidisc clutch-brake

This is a multidisc clutch-brake of the 5.W series, which is activated pneumatically and oil-cooled.

It combines the activation of the pneumatic clutch with the capacity of the hydraulic clutches. As a result, we have a clutch-brake with the possibility of achieving high frequency manoeuvres. The cooling depends on the energy dissipation required by the application. This cooling may be forced through an exterior circuit for which the clutch-brake is prepared. The table below shows both the clutching and braking torques as well as the pressure of the different sizes of series 5.W clutch-brakes. This technical information may be expanded by downloading the complete sheet.

Goizper clutches

These clutches transmit the torque from one shaft to the other through the friction between their inner and outer discs. The torque of these discs, and therefore clutching, is produced by air pressure. The following table shows both the clutching and braking torques and the pressure of the different sizes of the series 5.35 clutch-brakes. More technical information is available by downloading the product’s datasheet.

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